Our biggest strong-point is the close collaboration with the customer. This allows us to satisfy any needs: in addition to a vast range of standard items, we can also produce made-to-measure products based on the specific needs of the customer.

All this thanks to our experience, our flexibility and our expertise.

Copriradiator produces

  • zinc-plasticized cabinets with shelves
  • zinc-plasticized outdoor cabinets
  • outdoor broom cupboards
  • rust-proof changing room lockers
  • rust-proof security boxes
  • outdoor waste recycling cabinets
  • zinc-plasticized outdoor shoe racks
  • outdoor washing machine cupboard
  • painted metal chest of drawers
  • medium/light duty rust-proof shelving

The wide range of Copriradiator products can satisfy the needs of many different types of customer: private individuals, businesses, offices and shops.

Copriradiator produces the best space organisation solutions with cupboards, shelves, storage racks, pallet racking, platforms and cantilever racks, all designed together with the customer. Our aim is to make your storage system well-organised and fast.